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Byron Burger – New Chicken options

Byron ChickenByron was founded in 2007 by Tom Byng and Head Chef Fred Smith. They have created a signature range of satisfying and rather impressive burgers. They have remained solid in these rather troubled times and still offer those quality beefy temptations to loyal followers. But the company moves with the times and has expanded their offerings to include chicken.

Chicken Smokey is new to the Byron menu and my guest’s lunchtime choice. It’s a succulent chicken breast garnished with smoky pancetta, cheddar cheese, crispy onions, smoked chilli BBQ sauce, sliced pickles, and lettuce. The chicken was juicy, and the sauce was well-balanced and spicy. The onions gave texture as well as sweetness. A substantial plate which didn’t disappoint.

Packed a punch

I was intrigued by another feathery option which was the amusingly named Clucky Burger. This was another sizable plate, this time of crispy buttermilk-fried chicken, smashed avocado, sriracha mayo, pickled red onions, pickles and lettuce. Byron’s first ever chicken special was known as ‘Clucky Balboa’ and made an appearance when one of the Rocky Balboa films hit the big screen. This is evidently a new incarnation. Not sure what the original was all about but this Clucky certainly packed a punch. Great crunch from the breading and flavour from all the ingredients which made for a memorable sandwich.

Byron NachoBoth the chicken items were served with salad or fries, and there are a host of side dishes if one is stricken with a huge appetite. We ordered Nachos which were crunchy tortilla chips layered with cheese, avocado, salsa, sour cream, red chillies, jalapeños and coriander. This would be enough on its own when partnered with a cold beer. The Onion Rings were large, sweet, crunchy and addictive. We couldn’t pass up a milk shake in a burger joint with banquettes. The salted caramel shake was thick and creamy, and forces the sipper to slow down and relax or ask for a spoon.

This was my first visit to a Byron restaurant, but I will return to try some of their celebrated beefy patties. The chicken has raised expectations.

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