The Garden House Restaurant for Lunch

Garden House saladWe had visited this delightful and intimate hotel before (read my reviews here). The Garden House is part of the Beaverbrook Estate and the smaller of the two hotels, the other being the lavish and imposing main house which was once the home of Lord Beaverbrook, one of the most influential men of the last century.

The restaurant is furnished in contemporary and cosy fashion, matching the ‘cottagey’ style of the rest of the hotel. It’s light and airy, and the ambiance is relaxed and welcoming. The staff are well-informed and pleasant, but the service is as polished and classic as one would find in any city hotel …if one was lucky.

Head Chef Kaz Suzuki brings a unique flair and passion to the Garden House Restaurant, where he offers fresh and seasonal ingredients made into vibrant dishes. Those vegetables couldn’t be fresher, as many are harvested from the adjoining Kitchen Garden which can be enjoyed from the restaurant windows. There are herbs aplenty and even a few exotic chillies from the greenhouse. Guests are invited to have a look around and that’s an opportunity not to miss if one has horticultural inclinations.

The menu changes constantly

Head Chef Suzuki has created a menu that combines traditional British dishes along with Italian classics. The menu changes constantly with a considered nod to seasonality. This encourages more than one visit and ensures that regulars, and there are quite a few, never get bored. And it is unlikely to be meat pie every Wednesday!

Garden House pastaHouse Salad is obviously a must-try starter at the Garden House. The majority of its components would have been picked locally – like just outside the back door. Terrine of Spring Chicken and Leek, with homemade brioche, hispi cabbage and mustard is substantial and well-flavoured. The perfect choice for those with a hearty appetite. Crispy Duck, Spring Onion and Radishes, Sesame and Pomegranate Dressing should be a signature dish here! It’s a memorable plate with great flavour and texture.

There is a good selection of pasta dishes, as one might expect. Agnolotti of Laverstoke Buffalo Ricotta, parmesan velouté and spring green vegetables didn’t disappoint. Agnolotti is a speciality of the Piedmont region of Italy, made with small pieces of flattened pasta dough encasing a filling. There are plenty of choices for meat lovers, though, and I can recommend the suckling pig.

But some folks don’t consider a meal to be complete without a pud. The Garden House had a list of temptations, all of which I could happily graze upon. The chef suggested Classic Apple Tart Tatin served with Calvados crème fraîche and ice cream. The menu states that this could be for 1 or 2 people. Dear reader, I am telling you that this dessert is for a couple unless you are a hollow-legged rugby player breaking a 6-month fast! Oh, it was glorious, and better than I have tasted in France!

Garnished with good taste

Garden House desssertThe Beaverbrook Estate is a treat to visit. Its hotels and restaurants offer accessible luxury. It has many facets of hospitality and all of them are crafted with the guest in mind. There is a delightful melange of old-fashioned charm and contemporary amenity, and all garnished with good taste. The Estate isn’t far from London, but it seems a world away.

The Garden House Restaurant
The Garden House
Reigate Road
Surrey KT22 8QX

Phone: +44 (0)1372 227670

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