Fiz Bar – review

Fizbar glass

This is a PopUp so don’t spend time reading the rest of this piece. Just go before it closes!

One might think that sparkling wine is for the connoisseur, those with money and a dictionary of posh wine terms. Fiz Bar aims to encourage a new generation of sparkling-wine lovers – those who aren’t interested in the hype but love the taste …and the fizz.

Cyclists with helmets and dubious shorts; office workers with laptops; meeters and greeters

This is a casual bar which has found its temporary home in a former neon-sign shop, and there is still plenty of that stock on show. It’s contemporary with hints of an older Soho: one of the signs beams ‘Peep Show’! The founders had originally expected that folks would stand and drink, but now there are pine benches and stools for a more comfortable event, as there is food on offer here, too, including one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in London! The plates and platters do, where possible, reflect British seasonal produce.

Prosecco, Cava, English sparkling and Cremante from far and near are available, and many by the glass. This is about delicious discovery at a reasonable price. It’s about friends and fizz. It’s just as much about the folks who visit as it is about the menu. They are an eclectic bunch: cyclists with helmets and dubious shorts; office workers with laptops; meeters and greeters.Fiz Bar pillar

I trust that Fiz Bar will find a permanent home in the near future. Yes, I think it’s a sign of things to come. It’s time that we enjoyed fizz more and stopped drinking it just because we think we look good doing it. Fizz shouldn’t be thought of as posh but should be appreciated by a wider audience for its bubbly personality – and Fiz Bar has plenty of that!

Summer PopUp from 20th June – 13th August

Fiz Bar
The Lights of Soho
35 Brewer Street

Monday to Thursday 10:00am – 23:30pm

Friday to Saturday 10:00am – midnight

Sunday 12:00noon to 16:00pm


Bar review by Chrissie Walker © 2018