Special Brockmans Gin deal at Morrisons

27 January – 16 February 2021 

Whether your interpretation of ‘Dry January’ was to drink dry gin and dry wine or to ‘go dry’, here’s a reason to change all that.

Tom Collonsbrockmans ginCelebrate the end of dry January with a gin that is filled with fruity notes. Brockmans Gin, the distinctive super-premium gin that brims with notes of blueberry, blackberry and orange-peel, is on sale in Morrisons at £28 (normal RRP is £34 per 70cl bottle). The promotion runs from 27 January to 16 February. It is therefore perfect timing for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s an idea for a fresh, simple-to-make cocktail for Valentine’s Day – or any day. The newest way to serve gin is with soda: light, bright and delicious, allowing the taste of the gin to shine.

Brockmans Gin with Soda is best garnished simply with a twist of either orange peel or lime peel and a blueberry or two, poured over large ice cubes in a Collins glass. It sounds simple, but because of the unique blend of botanicals, this simple cocktail tastes complex and intriguing.

That’s not all: this gin serve is sugar-free so it’s a low-calorie option. At just 61 calories for a single (25ml) serve, this is far less than the average 159 calories for a glass of wine or around 182 calories for a pint of beer. Cheers.

Visit Brockmans Gin here