Sous Chef – Deliciously Different

pastaThis is a wonderful find. Sous Chef is an online portal selling high-end kitchen goods. They will be the one-stop shop for all my gifts for food lovers for the foreseeable future.

The Sous Chef web page is filled with everything a home cook would ever want and great quality products too. They have tortilla presses for Mexican food aficionados. If you are into American food, then you might hanker after a smoker. There are Japanese Bento boxes, Caribbean sauces, Indian condiments, and European foods aplenty. All their goods are ready in their North London warehouse for mostly next day delivery.

Pastificio Del Colle’s squid-ink bicolour linguine is striking with black and white lines. A delight to eat, but that would be after one has taken advantage of its aesthetics and posed a strand or two for Instagram. The black stripes are made from squid ink so there is nothing artificial. Enjoy this memorable pasta with a simple Mediterranean vegetable sauce, with perhaps a garnish of some squid rings for culinary continuity. This pasta will be appreciated by any Italian gastronome.

Gift-giving dilemmas sorted too!

But what of those whom one would still like to spoil but just do not have a passion for cooking? Sous Chef has those gift-giving dilemmas sorted too! Pariani hazelnut and dark chocolate pralines are a delightful treat to enjoy with a cup of coffee. The Nocciola hazelnuts are grown in Piemonte, or Piedmont, a region of northwest Italy. These individually wrapped chocolates are perfect for sharing… although one might not want to. They would be a perfect end to that aforementioned pasta dinner.

Sous Chef will be a boon for anybody looking for specialist ingredients or equipment. They offer recipes to make the best of their goods, and they even have a range of cookbooks. One could easily make up a gift box for a special birthday, a housewarming, Christmas, or me! I have just ordered some cocktail syrups, dried yeast, and Chinese rice cakes – and it’s all online.


Visit Sous Chef here