Cocktails canned and ready to go

mimosaWell, what a strange year. We have had full Lockdowns, fluctuating Lockdowns and threats of Lockdowns. Sipful might add a little cheer to changed circumstances, and we can all do with that! A little sparkle is most welcome.

Sipful produce canned cocktails and organic sparkling canned wine. The neat, slim and textured tins are ready to enjoy, and perfect for those staycations when a classy picnic might be in order. These cocktails in a can are made using 100% organic sparkling wine from a vineyard in rural Spain. Natural fruits and flavours are blended with the white wine to create these convenient alcoholic drinks.

Authentic flavour

The Sipful Orange Mimosa cocktail in a can is perhaps my favourite from the mixed-drink range. This was inspired by co-founder Em’s time in California where she lived and worked for a while – perhaps she was charmed by the picturesque orange groves. This has an authentic flavour and would be a convenient take-along for an al fresco Sunday brunch. Carry a can on a hike, and sip in solitude and mask-free contentment.

Organic Bubbles is the Sipful base wine, simply canned. This is a clean, light and well-balanced wine and ideal for fun gatherings with friends (who, one hopes, might even bring along the Spanish ham and a platter of cheese?).

Choice of libation

Sipful have presented tins of cocktails in tactile and recyclable cans. They are light and fit into any hamper or backpack, or corner of one’s fridge. One does not always want to cart a heavy bottle of fizz, and it’s nice to give one’s companions a choice of libation. No issues with that annoying third of a bottle which nobody really needs to drink but Oh, think of the waste! Each can contains a generous 250ml, with between 4.5 and 11% alcohol.


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