Ournac Frères Pinot Noir

Quality red from Languedoc

Ournac Freres_Pinot NoirOurnac Frères Pinot Noir is a delicious expression of the elevated styles of wine in the Minervois in Languedoc.  One is enticed by the delightful label which is somewhat reminiscent of sketches found in Dickensian novels. It was however designed at the end of the twentieth century. A sign in the corner mentions ‘molasses of 1st quality’ – this is a product that results from the refining of sugar cane and beets in order to produce alcohol. This wine does not contain any molasses!

Ournac Frères Pinot Noir is a great all-rounder, working equally well for both light cold cuts and spiced dishes as well as pasta. It’s an indispensable wine for one’s short-term wine cellar (or cupboard under the stairs).

This wine has been aged for 10 months and has derived much of its solid character from the oak barrels, although it lacks the over-tannin element which sometimes spoils a good red. This has added much to its depth and complexity. Ournac Frères Pinot Noir is another great-value wine from this oft-overlooked region of France.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: clear ruby red
Nose: hints of spices, cherry, stone fruit
Palate: balanced and moderate tannins and acidity, favours from barrel aging. Moderate weight

Finish: Medium with pleasing flavours lingering