Willow & Stone Sparkling Rosé from Kingsland – drinks review

Willow & Stone Sparkling RoséWillow & Stone Sparkling Rosé British wine is selling at £4.99 and has 8.5% alcohol, so a light-in-every-way alternative to more robust traditional wines. It has a blush peach colour in the glass and is an unchallenging beverage that would be perfect for summer picnics.

Reminds me of a Victoria sponge

Kingsland’s research showed a gap in the market for affordable, fresh-tasting wine for spontaneous occasions. Not quite sure what a spontaneous occasion might be but this wine lends itself to casual get-togethers. It would pair well with light foods and salads. The flavour notes remind me of a Victoria sponge: there are those fruity hints, and it’s a sweet wine with even a little vanilla on the finish.

Willow & Stone Sparkling Rosé has the visual impact of regular sparkling wine but is a gentle introduction to the world of grape-based drinks. Its price point will likely ensure its summer success.

Tasting notes: sweet, ripe strawberry and raspberry with vanilla. Best served well-chilled.  Garnish with fresh raspberries.

Alcohol:  8.5%

The Willow and Stone range is currently stocked in the Co-Op priced £3.99 for the still and £4.99 for fizz

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