Shorn Pinot Grigio Fizz – drinks review

Kingsland Drinks has launched Shorn Pinot Grigio sparkling wine in the UK, a wine that gets it bubbles through introduced carbonation. The investment in the equipment to add the bubbles was in response to the well-publicised increased demand for sparkling wine in Britain.

Shorn FizzWe in the UK have had a love of Champagne for generations. Yes, it’s still popular but now there are more credible alternatives. Some, like Spanish Cava, use the ‘traditional’ Champagne method, although no sparkling wine outside this small region of France can be labelled ‘Champagne’. There is Italian Prosecco which has risen dramatically in popularity; and then there is a new generation of fizz.

The Marlborough region of New Zealand produces Pinot Grigio and is celebrated for its wines from that grape. Here we find that wine with added effervescence. Shorn Fizz is non-vintage but that shouldn’t be considered a negative factor. Most Champagne is non-vintage. The secret to success is using a good wine before adding or producing the bubbles.

This sparkling wine is about fun with friends

This amusing bottle has a half-shorn sheep as its distinctive emblem and it does make a change from the black and gold of the more recognised quality wines. It immediately plants in one’s mind the notion that this sparkling wine is more about fun with friends rather than viticultural analysis.

Tasting: white blossom and peach on the nose. Fresh and clean with a hint of citrus on the finish. A pleasant moussey texture of delicate bubbles. Serve this very well chilled as an aperitif or even for an al fresco lunch to accompany light fish dishes.

Shorn Pinot Grigio Fizz should be stored on its side in a cool dark place. Consume within the year …and preferably on hot days over summer. This is a light and unchallenging bottle at a very reasonable price. It’s well worth the money and particularly for lovers of Marlborough Pinot Grigio.

Alcohol Content (ABV) 12.0%

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