Shorn goes on Tour to California

Shorn PinotIt’s the time of year when our thoughts turn to California. Well no, really we are making plans for Christmas, but that celebrated wine-producing state might actually be part of our celebrations.  Wine brand Shorn launches Californian wines in a pouch.

Shorn, that wine-loving sheep, is usually found looking out from bottles of New Zealand vintages, but now he is on the move and in a new and very practical vehicle. Pouches present the perfect drinks solution for the festive season.

These wines maintain their quality glass after glass

Shiraz and Pinot Grigio in handy 1.5 L pouches have been added to the Shorn catalogue. They are worthy of their place in this already established range, but now there is the advantage of either impressing a crowd or just relaxing one lone drinker after a long day of gift-shopping. These wines maintain their quality glass after glass and day after day.

The Pino Grigio tasting notes:
Light and aromatic, and fresh with flavours of citrus fruits and pear.  This works well with creamy sauces and seafood, so great with a prawn cocktail; also roast meats such as turkey! This is a true all-rounder for this time of year.

The Shiraz tasting notes:
The Shiraz is smooth, rich and full of ripe fruits of the forest. This goes well with grilled meats, beef as a Christmas alternative to the big bird, and (I have to mention it) lamb!

These wines are a great addition to your wine cellar or shoe cupboard under the stairs. Their advantage is that one can dip into them and keep everybody happy. Your guests won’t be expected to drink the same wine with both red and white meat. Uncle Bill can enjoy his glass of Shiraz along with his beef without the remains of a bottle going to waste. You can be pouring that same wine a few days later with no loss of quality.

Available in all good supermarkets.

Shorn 1.5L Pouch, Shiraz, USA – RRP £11.00, available in Tesco

Shorn 1.5L Pouch, Pinot Grigio, USA – RRP £11.00, available in Tesco

The Shorn range also comprises crisp Sauvignon Blanc and a delicate Pinot Grigio Fizz. Read my review of that here