Codorníu Ars Collecta Blanc de Blancs Reserve

A legacy of almost five centuries.

blanc de blancsCodorníu have nearly five centuries of experience in producing characterful wines. They have been around since 1551. The Ars Collecta collection offers the winning combination of both skill and tradition. This Blanc de Blancs Reserve is a beautiful member of the range.

Celler Jaume, a micro-winery, is noted for its management of its vineyards and its quality cavas such as Ars Collecta Blanc De Blancs Reserve. Chardonnay is the principal varietal in the coupage (a French term for blending wines). It brings freshness and ageing potential to the finished wine.

Codorníu Ars Collecta Blanc de Blancs Reserve is not only delicious and festive but it’s also gift quality. The classy bottle is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, and is made of hand-blown glass. The design reflects the rich cultural heritage of Spain and the artistic legacy of famous architect Gaudí. The bottle showcases a distinct shape that echoes his masterpieces. The organic curves remind us of the striking Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

The harvest of Ars Collecta Blanc de Blancs starts at the beginning of August. The work is undertaken at night to avoid the daytime high temperatures and possible oxidation of the fruit. Once in the cellar, the grapes are gently pressed, and the must is fermented in small batches at a constant temperature of 17°C.  Must is grape juice that contains the skins, seeds, and stems of the fruit. After the coupage it is stored for 35 months.  The resulting sparkling wine is a great choice for any celebration.

Codorníu Ars Collecta Blanc de Blancs Reserve marries well with light fare such as mild-flavoured hors d’oeuvres. It pairs with raw shellfish and seafood, salads and vegetarian dishes. Try with fresh berries as a light dessert or as an alternative to tea with the classic afternoon tea food selections.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Pale gold with plenty of fine bubbles
Nose: Stone fruit, citrus notes, lightly toasted bread
Palate: refreshing, peaches, dried fruit
Finish: mouth-filling, medium

Codorníu Ars Collecta Blanc de Blancs Reserve is a solid all-rounder and would be an ideal choice for the holiday season served as a pre-dinner drink or with starters. Enjoy this wine well-chilled.

Codorníu Ars Collecta Blanc de Blancs Reserve is available online from Ocado at £18.