Little Book of Wine

A handy guide for wine lovers.

Little Book of WineWhether you’re a qualified quaffer or an aspiring aficionado, raise a glass to the wonders of wine with The Little Book of Wine, a vintage blend of culture, history and trivia.

Pinot, Chardonnay, Merlot, Riesling… There are so many delicious varieties of wine to delight both the nose and palate – and no other beverage has ever created such excitement and emotion over its vast history. It’s also a subject whose complexities can be baffling and mysterious to the uninitiated. Luckily, this small but full-bodied pocket guide is here to unveil all the secrets of this most marvellous drink.

Packed with a wealth of information on the world of wine, this miscellany is the perfect gift for any wine fan, from the seasoned expert to the casual drinker. Whether you favour red or white, dry or sweet, sparkling or still, indulge your inner sommelier and celebrate the gift of the grape with The Little Book of Wine: a Pocket Guide to the Wonderful World of Wine Tasting, History, Culture, Trivia and More.

The Little Book of Wine will give confidence when buying the perfect wine to pair with food or choosing the most appropriate wine for a celebration. A great stocking filler for the novice wine sipper.

About the Author

Jai Breitnauer is a writer originally from London. She has a WSET level 2 qualification and previously worked in the wine and spirits industry in New Zealand, alongside editing a vegan recipe blog called Nooch. As well as working as a regular columnist for MindFood magazine, Jai runs a vegan cooking club for teenagers. She currently lives in Bristol, UK, with Noah, her architect husband, two teenagers and her rescue dogs. When not cooking or drinking wine, Jai loves a cup of coffee enjoyed with a good book.

The Little Book of Wine
Author: Jai Breitnauer
Published by: ‎Summersdale
Price: £6.99
ISBN-13: 978-1800079984