Scotch Whisky – A Guide

Scotch WhiskyScotch Whisky – The Essential Guide for Single Malt Lovers will make the hearts of so many discerning sippers beat just a little faster. Single Malt Whisky from Scotland sets the benchmark for other similar drinks from across the globe. The book gives a history of the world’s best-loved drink with an illuminating overview.

This compact book with a long title – Scotch Whisky – The Essential Guide for Single Malt Lovers – offers a comprehensive background to this iconic beverage. The Gaelic word for whisky is Uisge beatha, literally “water of life”. It goes back a long way: it is mentioned in documents of 1494, but was clearly being distilled in some form before that time. It has continued to be made, legally or otherwise, down the centuries. Whisky is a cornerstone of Scottish pride and culture.

The strength of Scotch Whisky – The Essential Guide for Single Malt Lovers is that it not only discusses distillation but presents tasting notes and background information on a host of individual bottles. The author, Tom Bruce-Gardyne, guides us through the main Scottish whisky-making regions, with all their taste and aroma nuances.

A surprising 100 or so worthy Single Malts

Famous brands such as Glenlivet, Ardbeg, Glenmorangie, Balvenie and Talisker are showcased; there are a surprising 100 or so worthy Single Malts illustrated. The grand distilling dynasties are also mentioned to allow the reader to put these whiskies into context.

This would therefore make the perfect gift, along with a bottle of fine Single Malt, to anybody who might become a collector. Yes, spirits do deteriorate with time, so these are whiskies to enjoy with friends, and ‘straight up’ rather than in a cocktail. It’s a wonderful volume for anybody wanting to learn a bit more and to enjoy whisky as a connoisseur; for a wannabe; and for those who just appreciate the pleasure of simply tasting this fascinating amber water of life.

Scotch Whisky -The Essential Guide for Single Malt Lovers
Author:  Tom Bruce-Gardyne
Published by: by Carlton Books
Price: £11.99
ISBN 9781787391499