Ramen: 80 Easy Noodle Bowls and Broths

Pure Asian comfort.

Ramen has become the latest food craze that’s captured the imagination of the whole world. It’s a versatile bowl of steaming goodness which can be made to the slurper’s exact needs. Ramen: 80 Easy Noodle Bowls and Broths offers delicious recipes for every taste and every budget.

The author, Makiko Sano, was born in Tokyo and is no stranger to these celebrated noodles. She now owns and runs a popular Japanese restaurant, sushi school and catering company, Suzu House in Hammersmith, London. She is the author of SushiSlim (2013), which won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award, and Shoku-iku: Japanese Conscious Eating for a Long and Healthy Life (2015). Makiko has appeared on Channel 4 and BBC radio.

Ramen: 80 Easy Noodle Bowls and Broths is a beautifully photographed collection of recipes which are quick and easy, and without the need for kitchen space or exotic culinary equipment. The book is divided into chapters covering Toppings and Broths, Chicken and Duck, Pork and Beef, Seafood and Fish, Vegan and Vegetarian, and Instant Ramen. There is something for everyone… although most recipes serve two!

Few culinary skills needed

This is a perfect gift for those who want delicious meals in a timely fashion with few culinary skills needed. I have a host of pick-of-the-book recipes to suggest but I could honestly enjoy preparing and eating every one of them. I have recently returned from another trip to Japan and these dishes do revive memories of a corner restaurant in Shinjuku that only offered ramen and only seated 6 diners!

Chilli Miso Ramen gives a nod to Korea with its spice from gochujang which has a very distinctive flavour and is totally addictive. Tan Tan Men is another fusion dish and uses chilli oil and Chinese noodles. Kids might not enjoy so much heat, but they will enjoy flavourful Tomato and Chicken Ramen which will likely become a family favourite. There are Instant Ramen noodle recipes too. Those unremarkable packets are transformed with just the addition of a few well-chosen ingredients.

Ramen: 80 Easy Noodle Bowls and Broths is indeed a lovely recipe book but it is also a volume stuffed with inspiration. Most ingredients can be found in your regular supermarket or online from the suppliers listed in the book.

Ramen: 80 Easy Noodle Bowls and Broths
Author: Makiko Sano
Published by: ‎OH! Life
Price: £18.99
ISBN-13:‎ 978-1838611675