Pots of Wheyhey

WheyheyWe could all do with a little Wheyhey at the moment. Indeed, if you have a passion for ice cream then a little Wheyhey is exactly what you can have!

Wheyhey is a company that produces healthy and delicious frozen treats which are available in large and small tubs. The mini pots are perfect for the younger members of the family, but they also work well as a cooling finale to a casual afternoon tea. A good ice cream has the most sophisticated nibbler melting with pleasure. Who doesn’t enjoy ice cream?

A healthier alternative

These tubs, both mini and maxi, are not only well-flavoured and textured but are naturally sugar free and high in protein. A healthier alternative to the usual more-sugary ices must be a bonus. Wheyhey source their high-quality ingredients from trusted farmers and suppliers.

I have tried two varieties of Whehey ice cream:

Salted Caramel Ice Cream multipack of small and practical pots. They are high protein, sugar free and less than 100 calories per tub. That’s nice to know! The flavour was delicate, and the portion size was just right for a mid-afternoon snack.

Chocolate Ice Cream multipack of those same conveniently sized pots are also high protein, sugar free and less than 100 calories per tub. The taste was rich and grownup with a light texture. It didn’t have that unpleasant unnatural aftertaste which afflicts some other dark chocolate ice creams. A well-balanced treat.


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