Phyco Health from the Ocean

Australian Seaweed Science.

Sea ShellsA couple of decades ago the founder of Phyco Health, Dr Pia Winberg, was looking for a more sustainable, low-emissions way to grow food from the sea. Seaweed was the answer.

Seaweed re-oxygenates the seas, buffers against acidity and can grow up to 50 times faster than land-based crops.  Dr Winberg discovered a unique Australian species of seaweed and developed the technology to farm it sustainably. This seaweed had exceptional taste and nutrition benefits vital for human health. By including a bit of seaweed in your breakfast, snacks and meals you can capture those advantages.

Foods Containing Seaweed

Phyco Health has a selection of foods containing seaweed and I have tried a couple of them. The new premium egg-free, authentic Italian bronze-die cut pasta is made from traditional durum semolina pasta and comes in the shape of SeaShells – and indeed that’s what it’s called. These have 10% seaweed content and are a good source of protein, iron, fibre, vitamins B12 and C, zinc, and beta-carotene. Perfect when served with a seafood sauce – and colourful too!

Phyco Health’s SeaFruit Tangles (apples, sea lettuce species 84, pear) are included in Sea Bircher Muesli. This breakfast alternative offers 8 different plant fibres for gut health, including clinically tested SeaFibre. It has pea protein for a good protein source, and iron and iodine; the antioxidants from seaweed offer 20% of your daily need of B12. A tasty and healthy start to the day.

Phyco Health will appeal to those who are looking for sustainable and healthy food and in unique fashion. You can find more of their products here