Ginuary with The King of Soho

Welcoming in Dry January.

2024 marks this 10th year of Dry Ginuary. For those of us who feel that the dark nights of the New Year are a cause for celebration and continuing as we mean to go on, Dry Gin January – a term first coined in 2014 – is to be embraced and The King of Soho does that.

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Drink less, but better

In January, the trend is to drink less, but better. The super-premium London Dry Gin from The King of Soho is a fine example of what’s meant by drinking ‘better’. Distilled five time, this is a smooth bold citrus-led spirit that tastes as good as it looks. If the Yule-tide excesses have taken a toll on your waistline, enjoy a martini made with this fine gin. With no unwanted calories and no sugary additions, the martini is king of the cocktails for the New Year and The King of Soho Gin Martini is a clean, lean and elegant example of this classic serve.

London Dry Gin (42% ABV) comes in at just 58 Kcal per 25mls serving. If you prefer something slightly sweeter, opt for The King of Soho Variorum Pink Gin (37.5% ABV) at only 56 Kcal per 25mls and contains just half a gram of sugar.

The King of Soho London Dry Gin is that rare spirit – a London Dry Gin that is actually made in London. It is traditionally distilled in small batches to a unique recipe to create a classic London Dry Gin, with a contemporary citrus twist. This gin has a clean and gentle nose, opening up to reveal classic juniper-driven pine notes, with a refreshing twist of grapefruit. There is a warming, peppery spice at the finish with a satisfying nip and a smooth finish. The taste is achieved through the use of more than 12 botanicals including grapefruit, sweet orange peel, angelica root, liquorice, and cassia, in addition to juniper.

The King of Soho gins are available from Ocado, Amazon and other drinks retailers.

Here’s to Dry Ginuary.