Belvoir Farm Cordials

For Dry January.

Belvoir Farm lemon and mintHere it is approaching once again. Dry January! Our carpets will be filled with pine needles and our heads with New Year resolutions. They are called that because that’s about as long as they last. But Belvoir Farm Cordials are here to help with the alcohol-free month (but the vacuuming is still down to you!).

I have been enjoying Belvoir Farm products for quite a while now. They might seem a little pricier than some cordials on the supermarket shelves but it’s true what they say – you get what you pay for. These delicious drinks can be mixed 1:10 so in reality they are great value. And the quality is outstanding.

When February Comes Around!

Those who might usually enjoy alcohol during the rest of the year often fall off the proverbial wagon in Dry January simply because they are craving something new and interesting to drink. Belvoir Farm Cordials have a wide selection of fruit cordials to suit every taste and they are readily available, too. They range from the classic flavours to the exotic and can be served with still or sparkling water, and garnished for cocktail-like impact. When February comes around then some of these cordials could be used as cocktail ingredients. Organic Lemon and Mint, Mulled Winter Cordial, and Non-Alcoholic Lime and Yuzu Mojito would all work perfectly with or without spirits.

Belvoir Farm is in the Countryside Stewardship scheme, meaning they are committed to balancing sustainability, profitability and modern farming with natural habitat conservation.  These concentrated drinks are worth the money for quality and ethics.


Visit Belvoir Farm here for delicious drink inspiration