Paparuda Pinot Noir, Estate Selection

Romanian Red.

Paparuda is a Romanian ritual used to encourage rain in times of drought. A young girl would dance through the streets to protect the crops. I don’t know if that tradition continues but Paparuda Pinot Noir, Estate Selection, does take advantage of the ideal climate for its production.

Paparuda pinot noirPremium Romanian wine estate Cramele Recas has a collection of reds that are ideal for warmer months. The winery was founded in 1998, and is owned by a winemaking team of three families who are now the largest exporters of Romanian wine. Cramele Recas has ancient vineyards, with the oldest dating back to 1447. They enjoy a Mediterranean climate so perfect for growing grapes. The company is environmentally aware, and has invested in the most up-to-date waste water re-processing plant in Central Europe.

Red wine is normally the wine of choice for cooler weather. Pinot Noir, however, can be enjoyed on balmy summer evenings, slightly chilled. Its name comes from the French words for “pine” and “black,” referring to the grape’s tightly clustered, pine-cone shaped bunches. It is one of the oldest grape varieties, dating back 1000 years with roots in Roman times, although it is said to be a challenging grape to grow.

Lower tannins

Pinot Noir wines are generally pale to medium red. On the palate Pinot Noir is light to medium-bodied. The thin skin of the grape allows the production of wines with lower tannins and higher acidity. Paparuda Pinot Noir exhibits the classic expressions of the grape and is perfect when chilled. It is pleasingly light and can be paired with oily fish such as salmon, as well as summer salads and white meat. It’s a crowd-pleasing wine when served with a roast chicken dinner or that Christmas turkey!

Paparuda Pinot Noir is a great all-rounder and versatile enough for summer sipping.