Padstow Vodka

Coastal spirit.

padstow vodka bottlePadstow Distilling, the Cornish spirits brand known for its small-batch approach and foraged and farmed ingredients, has re-released its vodka.

Padstow Vodka is distilled from barley grown in the fields just above the beach at St George’s, just a mile away from the distillery. This is a smooth sipping vodka and has won gold at this year’s IWSC awards. Since its foundation in 2018, Padstow Distilling has grown into a Mecca for both gin and vodka afficionados.

Padstow Distilling might be better known for its gin, but this award-winning vodka is a worthy companion. It is a delightful small-batch spirit which can be enjoyed in cocktails, but to appreciate its character try it neat over ice. If using as a base for a cocktail, then a Vodka Martini would be perfect.

Padstow Vodka makes the ideal gift for lovers of a polished vodka, but it will equally be a mind-changer for those who profess to never touching the stuff. They have likely been indulging in less well-crafted expressions of the genre. This isn’t a vodka for those wedded to knocking back shots. It’s a vodka to savour, for one who chooses the finer things in life. This is a delicate spirit and it deserves respect.


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