The Essential Pickles.

Japan Centre has an impressive array of Japanese pickles called tsukemono, as well as Korean Kimchi. They are more than just a garnish, they are an essential part of every Japanese meal.

Yes, we eat pickles in the West, but the variety is limited in comparison to those available in Japan. We might have a dill pickle on a burger or have a jar of pickled veggies to garnish a cheese sandwich, but not much else. Japan has a variety, and they are enjoyed at every meal.

Japanese pickles tsukemono Tsukemono are an important part of the Japanese culinary tradition. It’s all about harmony of flavours, colours and cooking techniques. Pickles excite the appetite, cleanse the palate and add a sharp element to counteract rich dishes. They are fermented, so also have health benefits.

So much flavour

Japanese pickles and Korean kimchi are not reserved solely for Asian meals. Try some chopped kimchi on that aforementioned cheese sandwich or with a ham salad. Add some to the pan when you fry a simple chicken breast: it will add so much flavour. Visit Japan Centre online store to learn more about Tsukemono. Taste the freshness of Kimura Tsukemono Plum Vinegar Pickled Radish. Don’t forget the pickled ginger to go with your sushi. Try some Pickled Spicy Mustard Greens with roast meats.

Pickled vegetables add zest to any meal, and they are healthy and vibrant. Visit Japan Centre here for more ideas