Ole & Steen Launch a New Delicious Flavour to Their Iconic Cinnamon Social

Introducing the Most Indulgent New Maple and Pecan Social.

Authentic Danish bakers Ole & Steen have created a delicious new limited-edition Maple and Pecan Social. Ole & Steen is ‘the home of the social’ in the UK with their freshly baked Cinnamon Social, consistently their best-selling menu item.

Founded in Denmark in 1991 they are well placed to bake the Danish Social, which is a sweet and soft plaited dough filled with vanilla custard and cinnamon paste before being topped with icing.

Ole and Steen Maple SocialTo celebrate the start of the summer holidays the Ole & Steen bakers have created an exciting new flavour of this iconic treat which will only be available for a limited time only. Can it possibly rival the classic Cinnamon Social?!

The freshly baked new treat is made from fluffy dough filled with sweet cinnamon and creamy custard, topped with maple butter icing and crunchy pecans – a perfect combination. The decadant creation can be elevated with a maple syrup indulgent dip pot to drizzle over the social.

The Maple and Pecan Social launches on July 9 and will be available for just four weeks priced at £4.45 with a maple syrup dip pot costing 55p.

A spokesperson said: “Ole & Steen like to share hygge – a Danish word for relax and enjoy the good things in life – and the launch of the new Maple and Pecan social is the perfect way to sit back and share hygge! Our expert bakers have created the Maple & Pecan Social as a special treat which is a special edition and will not be around for long so try one while you can!”

Last month Ole & Steen launched their special summer cakes selection at a VIP champagne party featuring a Strawberries and Cream cake, a Raspberry and Pistachio Tart and a Lemon Cheesecake.

Ole & Steen is the product of two authentic Danish bakers, Ole & Steen, joining forces and bakeries to become a better bakery for all. With bakeries across Copenhagen, London and New York, Ole & Steen prides itself on its true Scandinavian feel and authentic, high-quality, delicious baked goods – from their famous Cinnamon Socials to authentic Danish Breads. From 2016, Ole & Steen has opened 26 stores in London.

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