Mummy Meagz has Eggs!

Meagan Boyle founded her company in 2003. She is Mummy Meagz and, along with her daughter Willow, opened Blondes Coffee Shop in Cottingham, East Y

Yes, it’s the most important Christian event of the year but for many it’s about the chocolate. Vegans, until recently, have had to miss out on many Easter treats but now they can indulge with the rest of us.

vegan eggsAn anticipated Easter tradition

Dark Chocolate Orange Choc Easter Egg and Bar is bound to become an anticipated Easter tradition. The much-loved combination of orangey tang and chocolate is hard to beat, and it’s all plant-based. All Mummy Meagz products are free of ingredients derived from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). A vegan version of the classic chocolate-coated crunchy honeycomb bars, the Sunnycomb Bar, is going to be welcomed by vegans who crave some classic sweet favourites. That honeycomb is first-class and won’t find non-vegans turning their noses up, either!

The Smoove Moove Eggs are Mummy Meagz’s own blend of vegan milk and smooth dark chocolate. This is a more sophisticated egg, and perfect for adults. It’s a blend of silky dairy-free mylk chocolate (vegan chocolate) and creamy dark chocolate.

But Mummy Meagz offers a range of temptations which can be enjoyed all year round; or why not make up a little Easter Selection Box of various Rocky Road bars along with a few Mummy Meagz Chuckie Vegan Crème Eggs? Make a unique and personalised gift for your vegan chocolate lover.


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