Didsbury Gin won’t ruin Mother’s Day

The Didsbury Gin founders are indeed gin connoisseurs. Liam Manton and Mark Smallwood wanted to present a range of gins which were contemporary and vibrant. Mark has a passion for gin and creating cocktail menus in Manchester restaurants and bars. Following the production of a small batch of gin in Liam’s front room in Didsbury, a brand was born.

Didsbury Gin is a selection of hand-distilled, 100% natural fruit infused, vegan friendly spirits. They are crafted using the finest of botanicals and British fruit. The ingredients are ethically sourced and carefully paired.

It’s Spring, and will likely feel like it too, at some point! There are a few celebrations at this time of year. Mother’s Day and Easter might allow us to get together, even if it is in the garden. Didsbury Gins are perfect in that setting, with flavours which will offer hope for even warmer days and happier times.

Didsbury ginA little spice

Blood Orange and Ginger Gin is sweet and warming and would be a delight simply served over ice with some soda water. That makes a long and refreshing cocktail, and rather smart when served with a garnish of a slice of blood orange and a sprig of mint. Mum will be impressed.

Tasting notes

Appearance: Clear and medium pink

Nose: plenty of orange, subtle spice

Palette: orange and mild botanicals

Finish: medium and warming from the ginger

A zesty summer

Didsbury Gin Strawberry and Sicilian Lemon is a marriage of citrus and eleven botanicals with a blend of Sicilian lemons and fresh British strawberries. This is one for those warm days when one looks for fresh and fruity flavours and the chink of ice in a well-chilled cocktail.

Tasting notes

Appearance: clear

Nose: sweet and herby

Palette: citrus to the fore with an aftertaste of sweet strawberries

Finish: medium with lingering citrus peel


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