Monsigny Brut Champagne from Aldi

Aldi ChampagneIt’s the Festive Season and thoughts turn to fizz. Supermarkets fill their shelves with bottles of sparkling wine from Europe and the New World. Let us not be wine snobs, dear reader! There are a great many very good Cavas and Proseccos out there, and even some ‘sparkling wine of mixed origin’, to tempt both the novice quaffer and the enthusiastic connoisseur. But then there is Champagne and Monsigny Brut Champagne from Aldi!

Not all fizz on offer is Champagne. This world-renowned wine comes from a specified region in France, and nowhere else. There are ‘Champagne Method’ wines from other parts of France and indeed other countries, but they are not genuine Champagnes.

‘But,’ I hear the cash-strapped shopper cry, ‘who can afford a decent bottle of the real article in these uncertain times?’ Well, YOU can, and you won’t have to take the car across to La Belle France to find it. You won’t have to seek out a specialist wine merchant to grab a bottle or two. Just head for your nearest ALDI and the job is done.

Balance and brand consistency

The wines are aged on the rack for 48 months or more, allowing their character to fully develop during the second fermentation in the bottle. It’s then another 3 months before they’re ready, ensuring the dosage (that’s the additional sugar) will meld perfectly with the Champagne, creating balance and brand consistency.

Monsigny Brut Champagne is a bestseller and a highly acclaimed award-winner, and one effervescent sip will convince the sceptical of its quality. It has the accolade of a “Silver Outstanding” medal at this year’s International Wine and Spirits Competition.  This surprisingly well-priced Champagne is from the small Champagne house of Philizot & Fils. This is made from the classic Champagne blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes.

This is a delightful Champagne in every regard.  Monsigny Brut is light and crisp, bright and offering a soft and rather elegant mousse. There is plenty of green apple on the palate and well-balanced acidity. It should be consumed well chilled, and makes the perfect aperitif. Add a dash of real maraschino liqueur and a cherry and you have a classy cocktail.

Monsigny Brut from Philizot & Fils is perhaps the best Champagne I have reviewed this past year. It’s price is amazing but don’t think that there is any stripe of compromise here. This is well worth seeking out and pouring with pride.

ABV: 12%

Price: Around £11.00

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