Rosa’s Thai Café – The Vegetarian Cookbook

Rosa's Thai vegetarian cookbookRosa’s was the original name of an empty caff which Saiphin Moore and her husband turned into their first restaurant.  Saiphin is Thai and has been cooking professionally since she was just 14 years old. Thailand was where she learnt family recipes from her mum and aunties. She moved to Hong Kong and met Alex Moore in 2001. They married four years later and set up a restaurant together. They then moved to London and Saiphin opened a food stall on the weekends in Brick Lane. She opened Rosa’s Thai Café on Hanbury Street, Spitalfields, which became so successful that it expanded to become a chain across London offering both vegetarian and meaty dishes.

In this, the follow-up to her debut, Rosa’s Thai Café: The Cookbook, Saiphin offers 100 delicious and easy recipes for all those Thai food-loving vegans and vegetarians. Many dishes in Thailand seem vegetarian, but what about the fish sauce and the shrimp paste? This book gives recipes that even the most dedicated vegetarian can enjoy.

Authentic dishes

Rosa’s Thai Café – The Vegetarian Cookbook has authentic dishes such as Tom Yum Noodle Soup, the rather Chinese Congee with Shiitake Mushrooms, Stir-fried Aubergine with roasted chilli paste, and Butternut Red Curry; and how about Stir-fried Chickpeas with Curry Paste, or Drunken Mixed Vegetables?

Her book is packed with vibrant dishes that just happen to be vegetarian, although even meat-eaters will be charmed. The fact that veggies are the key ingredients will mean that they are both healthy and won’t demand a second mortgage. There is not a dull recipe in the bunch.

My must-trys from this book include Thai Sweetcorn Salad, Spicy Aubergine, and a wonderful Mushroom Penang Curry. This is perhaps my favourite from Rosa’s Thai Café – The Vegetarian Cookbook. This dish is lovely with the mushrooms, but one could also use other vegetables to make a variety of meals from the same base sauce.

Saiphin Moore is said to be ‘One of London’s coolest female chefs’ by Time Out! Rosa’s Thai Café – The Vegetarian Cookbook is a reflection of her skill and love for the food of her homeland, Thailand.

Rosa’s Thai Café – The Vegetarian Cookbook
Author: Saiphin Moore
Published by: Mitchell Beazley
Price: £20.00
ISBN-13: 978-1784724238