Mochi Donuts

Japan Centre Treats.

Japan Centre DonutsWho doesn’t love a donut or even a doughnut? They are perfect when we crave something sweet and just for us in an individual serving. Japan Centre offers their Mochi Donuts, and they tick those two boxes and add beauty in unique fashion, too.

Mochi Donuts from Japan Centre are freshly made and are a combination of light donut batter encasing a chewy mochi rice cake infusion. They are soft, airy, bouncy and chewy, and have long been popular in both Japan and across Asia as well as Hawaii, before making it to mainland USA. Now we can enjoy them in the UK.

I find these mochi donuts to be more delicate and less oily than the traditional bready doughnuts with which we are more familiar.  One can simply pull off one of the small balls (there are traditionally eight of these) to see the mochi inside. The mochi is what gives the distinctive chew. Take a bite and enjoy that sweet combination of textures.

Texture and Flavour

Japan Centre offers a selection of flavours, and they are all delicious and attractive. Hanami Heaven Mochi Donut gives a nod to spring and the cherry blossom season and would be the perfect dessert with which to end a Japanese dinner party. Cookies and Cream is fun to eat and perfect for a picnic. Hazelnut Chocolate Glazed Donuts remind one of that confectionery enjoyed by ambassadors! Matcha and Raspberry Glazed Donuts are perfect with a cup of tea. The Biscoff version has all the comfort of those familiar biscuits. The Original Glazed Mochi Donut is a simple joy and showcases the texture and flavour which made these baked goods so popular in the first place.

Mochi Donuts from Japan Centre might be new to many but give them a try. I warn you though, they are addictive, and I doubt that you will want to share even one of those little segments.

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