Men with the Pot Cookbook

Deliciously Polish outdoor cooking.

In these difficult times we long to get back to nature. To have fun. To enjoy convivial company and delicious food. Men with the Pot Cookbook is penned by two Polish chaps living in Ireland, and it’s stuffed with tempting recipes suitable for outside preparation.

Kris Szymanski and Slawek Kalkraut evidently had a great time writing this book. The photography is first class, and one might even have the sense that one can actually smell the mouth-watering aroma of a wood fire and hear the splattering of those meat juices.

The Men with the Pot make memorable meals with a pile of wood and an Instagram-worthy big knife. The lads teach us about bushcraft as well as offering recipes which can translate into domestic BBQ grilling as well.

Kris and Slawek’s popular videos

men with a potSo where did the title ‘Men with the Pot’ come from? They were just two men with one pot who wanted to light a fire and encourage other keen cooks to have a go. Kris and Slawek’s popular videos reach tens of millions of fans every month. Now the book ‘Men with the Pot Cookbook’ brings that same adventure to a wider audience with their recipes in print.

This book is a beautiful page-turner, and I will happily grill my way through all of them. Chapters and recipes include:

Forest Cooking Around the World: Chicken Alfredo, Gnocchi Two Ways, Polish Rolady, Paella, Forest Takeaway, Tagliatelle Ragu, Campfire Ravioli

Forest Baking: Sausage Rolls, Skillet Pizza, Forest Pretzels, Baked Camembert in Forest-Made Bread, Focaccia Bread, Campfire Donuts

Chicken, Turkey, and Duck: Forest-Fried Chicken, Honey Mustard Chicken Quarters, Duck Breasts with Smashed Potatoes, Chicken From Hell

Meat Madness: Tomahawk Steak, Perfect T-Bone Steak, Tropical Pork Ribs, Pineapple Pork, Lamb Chops with Pomegranate Sauce, Campfire Irish Stew

From the Sea and Into the Forest: Pastry-Wrapped Salmon, Fish Curry, Cod Fillets Wrapped in Bacon, Drunk Salmon, Prawn Pasta, Fish and Chips, Herb-crusted Cod

Sandwiches, Tacos, Quesadillas, and More: Chicken Fajitas, Smoked Pork Belly Sandwich, Dirty Cheeseburger, Steak Sandwich, Best Meatball Sandwich, Chicken Quesadillas with Forest-made Tortillas, Cheese Tacos.

This volume is a tasty tutorial of practical bushcraft, too. One will learn how to whittle wood to construct pot stands and hangers, and how to prepare and light a campfire. But it’s those recipes which will hold one’s attention even in the civilization of one’s humble back garden. Men with the Pot Cookbook is of gift quality and will be welcomed by lovers of the outdoors, the simple life and wonderful food.

Men with the Pot Cookbook
Authors: Kris Szymanski and Slawek Kalkraut
Published by: ‎Harvard Common Press
Price: £18.99
ISBN-13: ‎978-0760374184