Irie Flava Caribbean Curry

A spicy meal kit.

irie meal kitsYes, I love cooking but it’s also a real treat to have somebody else do the clever stuff. Thus, I get the credit for a delicious meal but with a fraction of the effort. Irie Eats presents authentic-tasting Caribbean Street Food kits to bring the vibrant ‘flava’ of the Caribbean to every home kitchen.

This Caribbean Curry kit follows an authentic recipe which combines full-on flavours with simple preparation: it only takes about 20 minutes to have an exciting dinner on the table. One doesn’t need any specialised equipment, and cheffy skills are not necessary.

Create a vegan-friendly Caribbean curry

irie curryEach Irie Curry Kit contains a pack of traditional rice and peas (the microwave pouch makes for fast and practical heating for the perfect side dish), a herb and coconut mix sachet, and the essential Curry Sauce sachet. All one needs to add is 350g chicken fillets (although I used thighs), diced, and 150g baby potatoes, cut into halves. One could obviously create a vegan-friendly Caribbean curry by using fresh diced vegetables or soy pieces instead of chicken.

This curry is a one-pot meal, plus the rice dish from the microwave and perhaps a fresh vegetable on the side for added colour. Each kit is more than enough for two and the flavours are punchy and convincing. The curry was delicious and definitely begs to be repeated …and often!


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