Earth Day: a spirit for our times

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Earth Day on 22 April is a good time to evaluate whether you could be buying better and reducing packaging waste. One small step which few of us think about is the packaging of our favourite spirits. Rock Rose Gin and Holy Grass Vodka, made by eco-friendly Scottish-based Dunnet Bay Distillers, comes in ‘bottles for life’ which you can then refill with these gorgeous drinks from fully recyclable refill pouches.

The pouches have been specially designed to both preserve the gin and vodka as it should be, so these tasty tipples reach you in pristine condition. They are lighter to ship so it’s a win on logistics and then, once the pouch is empty, you simply return it to the company by popping it in the nearest post-box, free of charge and with no envelope or stamp required. The pouches are then sent off by Dunnet Bay Distillers to be recycled so there is a big environmental benefit. And to top it all, the 70cl refill pouch is cheaper than the cost of the same spirts in ceramic bottles so your bank balance benefits too.

The Distillery is in Scotland so you’re buying British plus this company uses several botanicals sustainably foraged from the local coastline or grown in the Distillery’s own garden and therefore cuts down on imported ingredients. Both the Rose of the Rock and the Holy Grass which lend their names to the brands are found in great quantities on the beautiful shores just outside the Distillery building on the most northly coast of mainland UK.

Delicious, sustainable, British. It’s a small step but many small steps add to giant leaps, as we know.

You can order bottles and pouches of award-winning Rock Rose Gin or Holy Grass Vodka here

Dunnet Bay Distillers’ Environment Manager, Sarah Lyons, said: “As an environmentalist, I have a passion for helping our family-owned company to do even more to be sustainable. Together with the founders and directors, Claire and Martin Murray, we have achieved Planet Mark certification giving us a benchmark to work from. We have a long-term strategy to support decarbonisation, waste initiatives, and the circular economy. We use solar power, carefully manage our water; return our locally-grown botanicals to the soil via a local farm; cut down on packaging in general and unnecessary plastics in particular; we protect our beautiful local beaches; and we reward those customers who regularly order sustainable pouches via our Refill Rewards Scheme. We take the view that the job will never be done: there is always room for improvement.”