Meater+ review

Meater+ review

meater+The name might not initially offer much of a clue as to what exactly Meater+ might be. No, dear cynical and lonely reader, it’s not a dating agency for carnivores, but rather the best kitchen gadget I have ever found.

We eat meat at home, but not very often. When we do, that meal is an event and shared with friends. It’s bound to be a joint of some kind and that doesn’t come cheap. Now, we don’t even think of embarking on cooking that roast dinner without a Meater+ thermometer. I have used similar products in the past, but this is such an improvement on those other devices with wires trapped in the oven door and the controller balanced on the open flap of the top oven. Better than nothing, but the wireless Meater+ is such a positive departure.

The best Sunday dinners

A good meat thermometer is a MUST when cooking large portions of meat.  Oven temperatures vary and so do roasting times. I have cooked the best Sunday dinners since I first invested in a meat thermometer, but none were as convenient to use as Meater+. One can set all requirements for the dish, and the partnership between one’s smartphone and the Meater+ does the rest. No more need to be confined to the kitchen: one can join friends at the bottom of the garden for al fresco drinks and still keep a wireless electronic eye on lunch.

Meater+ is a winner and liable to be my Product of the Year for 2019. Yes, it’s that good.


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