PortaScent 2 ways

PortaScentPortaScent is exactly what it says. It’s a small refillable spray and perfect for one’s handbag, manbag, bathroom bag or travel bag. It makes a wonderful and affordable gift for both men and women.

This little spray bottle is so convenient, but I would counsel any girl with a social life to buy two. It’s a treat to have one perfume for the day and another for events and evenings when one might want to dress up a bit. A light and flowery perfume works well for the office and daywear, but those richer fragrances are what’s needed to accent silk, frills and one’s best beads. Two PortaScents won’t take up any space in a handbag, and each would contain enough fragrance to keep one happy for a whole vacation.


When travelling

Guys might not need two bottles of aftershave cologne, but they still might want to freshen up after a long day’s work. The handy spray fits easily into a briefcase or even a jeans pocket. No need to leave one’s cologne at home when travelling. Fill the PortaScent and it’s ready for the plastic bag at airport security.

But don’t such sprays just come in girly pink? No! How about masculine black? A nice neutral grey would be perfect for a chap. Girls have the wider choice of gold, two shades of pink, or white – and that’s handy when one is juggling two perfumes. It’s a must-have accessory for travel or home.