Korean Drinks from Japan Centre

Contemporary and traditional.

We are learning more about Korean food as restaurants are becoming more popular. Japan Centre offers a range of Korean drinks to give a taste of what most Koreans drink every day.

Korean DrinksNow, I admit, before I tasted it I wasn’t too sure about Milkis.  It is a milk and yoghurt flavoured sparkling drink and I couldn’t imagine how that would work. But it’s popular in Korea so I had to try. It’s delicious and refreshing, and perfect for hot Korean summers.

Milkis is very much like the celebrated Calpis (Calpico in the UK) found in Japan. It is best served chilled and is similar to western cream soda but with a richer texture and more flavour. The concept might seem strange to westerners, but this drink really is thirst-quenching and addictive.

Drinks for every Season

Woongjin Caffe Bene Peach Ice Tea in a pouch is handy and light to carry – although the ice doesn’t come with it! It has a pronounced flavour of ripe peaches with a hint of black tea. This is delicious and could be served as a mocktail over ice with a garnish of fresh peach slices.

Traditional Korean Citron Tea is a winter favourite. Yuja (Yuzu in Japanese) is the Korean name for citron. British people will recognise that as the peel found on the top of old-fashioned Madeira cakes. This citrus fruit and sugar are the main ingredients in this marmalade-like jam. One simply pours hot water over a couple of spoons of this tangy and fruity concentrate to produce a warming drink which is Vitamin C rich. This is the drink one craves on cold winter days. This is a sweet and healthy treat, and can be enjoyed as a breakfast spread, too!

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