Supermarkets Offer Baked Easter Goodies

Cadbury Mini Eggs in Chocolate Cookies.

Seems we have just finished St Valentine’s Day and now shops are filled with Easter bunnies, and eggs of every size. But this year supermarkets are presenting something a little different and dangerously delicious – Cadbury Mini Eggs Chocolate Cookies.

These chocolatey delights (made by Baker & Baker) offer not only a rich cookie base but the bonus of micro–Mini Eggs. Each Limited-Edition Cadbury Mini Eggs Chocolate Cookie is made with Cadbury’s signature chocolate dough. They are freshly baked in stores ready to be enjoyed in the run up to Easter.

Moist cookies studded with crunchy Mini Egg morsels

Mini Egg CookiesPresented in paper bakery bags decorated with Cadbury Mini Eggs’ striking yellow branding, Cadbury Mini Eggs Chocolate Cookie packs are the perfect size to be enjoyed alone or shared. Each bag contains 4 large, moist cookies studded with crunchy Mini Egg morsels. Grab a cuppa tea and relax with a couple of these, and rejoice in the warmer weather.

Cadbury Mini Eggs Chocolate Cookies make a fun alternative to a traditional Easter egg. They are a unique gift for colleagues and school friends, and they are easily transportable.

Available at your local Tesco, Asda and Co-op store from 12th February 2024 with a RRP of £1.75.

About Baker & Baker: Baker & Baker is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of bakery products with market-leading capability in the donut, muffin, brownie, cookie, cake, speciality bread, and viennoiserie categories.