KAH Tequila comes to Tesco – with a UK-exclusive bottle

Skull Motif and Mexican Charm

Listen up tequila lovers. Tesco is now stocking KAH Tequila Blanco, its first super-premium tequila, in over five hundred stores across the UK.

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If you buy a bottle of this superb, super-premium Mexican tequila, you will be one of those in possession of a bottle that is exclusive in the UK as initially only Tesco will stock this style of packaging.

You’ll quickly spot this brand in store as the ‘brick’ shaped bottle with a cork features the famous KAH skull motif.

The 70cl bottles will cost £35

Tesco recognises that we Brits are embracing super-premium tequilas which are spirits to be savoured and sipped slowly, not drunk as shots.

So, what makes a super-premium tequila so, well, super? KAH is made with 100% blue agave spirit just as it should be. It’s made in Tequila, the town in Mexico for these fine spirits. KAH Blanco is hand-crafted, double-distilled tequila which is 40% ABV. Finally, you can taste the distinctive, soft notes of the agave. The heart of the plant, the pina, is baked to release the delicious juices.

According to Tesco, KAH is a supremely well-made, authentic tequila with a beautiful bottle that will have great impact. KAH Tequila (40% ABV) is made near the fields where the team cultivates the agave.

100% agave tequilas are becoming popular for summer drinking. This tequila is so smooth that you can drink it neat or on the rocks. It also makes a superb margarita.

The word ‘KAH’ means ‘life’ in the ancient Mayan language. Join in with a toast: “to life”.

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