Aluna Peach and Pomelo Liqueur

Coconut Rum and Fruit

aluna-peachAluna Toasted Coconut Rum was born when three surfing friends discussed their love for great rums and the prospect of making one with fresh, natural ingredients. They wanted to distil something a little different without the over-sweet profile of most traditional rums. Aluna Peach and Pomelo Liqueur is a child of that rum.

Their first presentation in their now-established range was a classic all-natural toasted coconut rum, made with premium rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean with pure, sustainably sourced coconut water giving a lighter spirit than most rums available in shops and online. The bottle is slender and sports an attractive blue, white and gold label with a stylised moon mandala as a salute: Aluna means ‘to the moon’.

The base Guatemalan rum is made with first-press sugar cane fermented with a unique yeast from the pineapple plant.  This creates an exotic yet light and smooth rum with a delicate sweet edge. Added to this are selected young Caribbean rums to give that familiar richness without the layers of syrup.

Aluna Peach and Pomelo Liqueur is produced with the classic Aluna Coconut Rum, blended with natural peach, pomelo and coconut blossom nectar! This is perfect as a Bellini with either Prosecco or Cava, for those warm summer evenings, but it’s outstanding simply served over ice. It works as part of a dessert when poured over sliced fresh peaches or peach-filled crêpes.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: clear and pale pink
Nose: peaches, citrus and coconut
Palate: sweet with plenty of peach flavour, followed by citrus from the Pomelo with a coconut finale
Finish: long and sweet with lingering fruit.

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