Indulge in luxury: SUAVE Tequila

One of the most expensive and sustainable, sets a new standard in craftsmanship.

Suave BottlesCreated for discerning palates, SUAVE Tequila has launched nationally across the UK, with its Ultra Añejo expression being one of the most expensive on the market. The sustainable, additive-free, luxury brand is, as the name suggests, a suave, ultra-premium range of sipping tequilas.

There are four expressions ranging in price from £95 to £2000.

SUAVE Blanco (36.4% ABV; RRP £95)
SUAVE Lunar (36.4% ABV; £109)
SUAVE Reposado (36.4% ABV; £160)
SUAVE Ultra Añejo (36.4% ABV; RRP £2000).

This impeccable collection is an elevated drinking experience, created for sipping. It couldn’t be further from the party tequilas that were once so familiar in the UK. SUAVE Tequilas are smooth, complex, full-bodied, additive-free, and Kosher certified. This ultra-premium range of sipping tequilas is as authentic as they come, hence the elevated price tag. The company sees through the creation of its liquids from field to bottle, and even cultivates its own agave seedlings (the plant from which tequila is made). The liquids are differentiated by a strict policy of using no additives or colourants, a mission which is at the heart of all that this company does. Responsibility, authenticity, craftsmanship, and taste – plus respect for the environment.

Strict quality standards

Another reason for the high prices of these liquids compared with many on the market is the fact that the company uses only the very heart of the agave pina. All the green outer surface is stripped away so that only the pure white core of the pinas makes it into production. These strict quality standards are designed to minimise the amount of green leaf stalk that is left. This means a purer alcohol results, creating a glorious product that avoids the prospect of the tequila hangover that will be all too familiar to many people. All this time and skill adds to the cost of an ultra-premium liquid.

It’s no wonder SUAVE won a Gold Award in one of the top international competitions last year for its Reposado expression. As an example of the attention to detail, SUAVE’s makers age their Ultra Añejo for six years. This compares with the four years required for the designated category of ‘Extra Añejo’. The barrels are made using American Oak, delivering notes of vanilla and warm spices. They are used only once and, to demonstrate this, each bottle comes with small wooden staves from the barrel in which it matured, which are presented in an organza pouch. This is the most expensive tequila in the range.

Suave Nibbles

The packaging is an elegant, sculptural, organically shaped bottle, with the different styles denoted by the colours of the labels and closures. Its attention to excellence as well as sustainability has earned SUAVE a coveted Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury – a badge of honour awarded to only two other tequilas.

Traditional methodology

Deborah Ernst, a director of family-owned SUAVE Tequila, says: “Luxury doesn’t mean extravagance. It’s about responsibility, authenticity, craftsmanship, and taste – plus respect for the environment. We hope people will in turn respect our pride in our traditional methodology and artisanal approach to everything from the agave cultivation to the creation of the tequilas.

“In this fast-paced world, for us it’s all about slowing down from time to time and just enjoying the moment… whether that’s taking a break and slowly sipping and enjoying our liquids or the unhurried process by which they are made and matured.”

You can buy SUAVE Tequilas at good online retailers including The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt and you can find SUAVE in some of the UK’s top venues.