Juici Jerk at home

Such strange times! But at least we have taken more interest in food, and some of the population have discovered what a kitchen is for. The UK’s first restaurant-style Caribbean DIY meal kit has been launched by London-based Caribbean kitchen Juici Jerk, and they are offering nationwide delivery.

Times have been tough for many businesses and we should all support British endeavour wherever we can. Juici Jerk is a worthy candidate with their restaurant-quality ingredients showcasing the vibrant West Indian cuisine.

Combining both British and West Indian heritage and an evident love of food and cooking, Juici Jerk offers a new-age taste of the Caribbean. It was founded in 2017 as a small family business providing good local food from a household kitchen in Tooting, South West London. Brothers Jarrell and Troy had careers in the jerkretail and hospitality industry, but their passion for cooking needed an outlet.

Generous meal

Their home-delivered restaurant-style Caribbean DIY meal kits are brilliant. I love dishes from the Islands but have been somewhat intimidated at the prospect of cooking it myself. Well, now I have cooked it myself but have had the preparation undertaken by the experts. That collaboration produced a stunning and generous meal which I look forward to repeating!

The Juici Jerk kit at £30.00 contains food for two or three hungry eaters. These dishes are quick to bring to the table: one can have a sumptuous hot meal ready in just half an hour! Oh, deep joy!

The box arrived and it was professionally packed with plenty of padding and a good number of ice packs. Loved the little glass bottles containing various sauces. The meat and side dishes were all neatly and appropriately portioned, and ready to roast or heat.

Totally addictive

Marinated boneless / skinless chicken thighs were already steeped, tenderised, and ready for the oven. Rice and peas was the perfect traditional accompaniment. Plantain fries were ready for the pan, and the Festival dough just needed shaping and frying. Those dumplings were a revelation and totally addictive. The Macaroni cheese just needed baking alongside the chicken. The coleslaw mix was light and refreshing, the mayo was creamy and well-flavoured. Jerk BBQ sauce was ready for basting. But the star was the Rum and Honey sauce which I would unashamedly eat alone before the guests arrive and I wouldn’t say a word. Yes, it’s that good. Fruit punch was both, well, fruity and with perhaps a hint of almond. One can add rum to this if desired – and who wouldn’t desire a dash of dark rum?

This has been one of the best meal kits I have tried so far. It was well-spiced, easy to prepare and generous. It’s great value for money. Juici Jerk has impressed me. Their production of these boxes is polished, and I look forward to more food from them in the future.


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