Campari and Chocolate

Campari, the classic red – with chocolate

campariCampari is the iconic bitter spirit, with a distinctive red hue that is a point of delicious difference from its competitors. It has a wide audience of lovers of that classy evening encounter called aperitif.   It’s that time before dinner when one partakes of a glass of something to enjoy with good company.

Campari is produced by the infusion of bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruit with alcohol and water. Nobody outside the company knows exactly how many ingredients are included in this recipe; the guess is that it’s between 20 and 80.  The vibrant colour, aroma and unique bitter taste make Campari the indispensable base for some of the most popular cocktails from around the globe. Negroni, Americano, Boulevardier and Sbagliato all rely on the complexity of Campari for their success.

Campari is timeless and has remained true to its original recipe. Gaspare Campari was the founder of the company, which dates back to 1860. Only a few people in charge of the production process know the ingredients and their proportions.

The warming Campari Chocolate Orange Negroni is the perfect cocktail on these cold winter evenings, and we all need a little comforting cheer just now. This tempting twist on the Negroni classic is simple to make and delightful to drink.

Balancing bitter, zesty Campari with sweet notes of cocoa, the bittersweet chocolate and Grand Marnier find their perfect partner in Campari. They combine to make this cocktail a beautifully indulgent after-dinner treat; or sip while sitting by the log fire – although a nice hot radiator would be a cosy substitute.

Campari Chocolate Orange Negroni

campari cocktailIngredients

25ml Campari
25ml Grand Marnier
25ml Vermouth Rosso
2 drops of Chocolate bitters
A slice of Terry’s Chocolate Orange


1) Fill a rocks glass with ice

2) Pour in the spirits and bitters

3) Stir gently

4) Garnish with a slice of Terry’s Chocolate Orange.


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