Vadasz: adding zest and character

More than a garnish

vadaszA decade or so ago, Nick Vadasz created his range of Eastern European inspired pickles and ferments. These have now been joined by more condiment delights from even further east.

It all started when he was making quesadillas on a market stall, and found his garnish of pickles to be the star of the sandwich. Nick draws upon his pickle-eating Hungarian heritage for inspiration. He creates his ferments and pickles using vinegar and lactic acid. These are classic pickles rather than those which are more usually found these days. Those more contemporary condiments are pasteurised by being heat-treated.

Great Taste Awards

The small-batch sauerkraut takes advantage of cabbage, salt, and spices along with raw garlic and dill. This is a versatile pickle which is perfect served as a tangy garnish for cold cuts. This would awaken even the most jaded of pressed-meat platters. Winner of two stars at the Great Taste Awards 2018, this is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It contains probiotics which are beneficial for gut health. Vadasz pickles and ferments are not only delicious and characterful but they also retain a fresh and crunchy texture.

The Vadasz range now includes Kimchi made from Chinese cabbage and sea salt, fermented with Korean red pepper, garlic, ginger, green onion and carrot. This will be a delightful addition to a Chinese or Korean meal but also as a spike of flavour for a traditional roast chicken. It is wonderful chopped and added to a winter salad.

Vadasz condiments are found at Waitrose and other fine food stores.

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