Beroni Pasta – Frozen and in Waitrose

BeroniIn these strange times we are looking for comfort, and that will likely come in the shape of pasta – different shapes of pasta. Beroni now offers their frozen pasta at Waitrose for speed, convenience and a great deal of warming comfort.

UK shoppers can now get their first taste of fresh frozen pasta from Waitrose, as Beroni launches its restaurant quality pasta that can be made at home in as little as 30 seconds. Developed and manufactured in the UK, Beroni pasta dough is freshly prepared by mixing the finest durum wheat semolina with water. Simple and authentic ingredients for a traditional texture and flavour. The fresh dough is then shaped into penne, fusilli or macaroni before being cooked ‘al dente’ then immediately frozen to preserve its freshness. This has been available only to restaurants in the past, but now we can work that professional magic in our own kitchens!

Take advantage of the kettle

That claim of a 30 second cooking time is well-founded. We tried it and it works. We cut down on the boil time for the water by taking advantage of the kettle, pouring the boiling water into the pot over a high heat, adding the pasta, opening the jar of pesto, locating the tub of parmesan cheese and the meal was ready. Yes, it truly was that quick. The frozen pasta can also be microwaved at 800W for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, or pan- or wok-fried in 3 minutes. It contains no preservatives or additives. It is also suitable for vegans.

Aimed at families looking for an everyday meal option, Beroni pasta is produced in recyclable 1kg bags with an estimated MRP of under £3 per pack. It will be the first fresh frozen pasta to have been launched in the UK. Research has shown that pasta was one of the top four grocery items bought during the Covid lockdown earlier this year, and that it remains one of the four items that households expect to continue consuming more of in future.

Manufactured in the UK by Ebrofrost, which has supplied fresh frozen pasta to restaurants around the world since 1998, Beroni is a three-way joint venture with FMCG and retail specialist Bridgethorne, which will handle commercial and marketing activity, and Food Team International, which will handle retail distribution and logistics.