Josh’s Easter Egg

Milk Chocolate and Cornish Sea Salt.

Josh’s ChocolateJosh, the founder and owner of Josh’s Chocolate, enjoyed a childhood spent on a farm in Cornwall. He left to study and pursue a career in the food industry but returned with his wife Alexa in 2019 to start Josh’s Chocolate.

The current factory is based in four repurposed shipping containers located alongside Josh’s childhood home, Callestick Farm. His range now includes eight 100g bars, his famous gigantic chocolate buttons and hot chocolate stirring spoons.

St Ives-based illustrator Joanne Barry has produced beautiful art for each of Josh’s products including this rather special Easter egg, which will be appreciated even before the first bite. The packaging delightfully depicts spring, and I would order this as breakfast-room wallpaper if it was such a thing …and if I had a breakfast room!

This egg would delight any lover of quality chocolate. It is hand-made from smooth and creamy milk chocolate with a hint of caramel, and studded with crystals of sea salt and caramel for both flavour and texture.

Josh’s Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Cornish Sea Salt and Caramel will be welcomed by those with a discerning palate and an eye for thoughtful design. This is an egg for savouring slowly while contemplating the daffs in one’s garden and basking in rich chocolatey bliss.

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