Drinks Bureau’s Cocktail Packs

Classic and Contemporary.

Drinks BureauCo-founder and Chief of Drinks, Frankie Snobel, is an entrepreneur, mixologist and cocktail innovator. Co-founder Nick Kirby is MD of one of the UK’s leading ready-to-drink cocktail production sites, Storefast Solutions. He was batching premium cocktails with Frankie back when it was practically unheard of. Nick provides the perfect site and expertise to produce The Drinks Bureau’s cocktail magic.

The Drinks Bureau’s Cocktail Packs offer flavour and convenience. They have a wide selection of drinks, so something for every taste and occasion. They even have a brace of Frozen Cocktail Pops which would be dangerously appealing on a hot summer evening! I have tried three cocktails from the range.

Espresso Martinis are available in a handy 4-pack (as are all the cocktails here). This is a contemporary and popular standard in the world of mixology. This can be served directly from the well-chilled can, or as a frothy beverage: simply pour into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake hard and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a coffee bean.

The Spicy Margarita can be enjoyed straight from the can if one is throwing a Mexican-themed picnic! Practical and classy. But pour into an ice-filled Margarita glass rimmed with a mix of chilli and salt and you have an authentic and impressive Mexican experience for little effort.

Lucious Passion Fruit Martini is perhaps my favourite of the Drinks Bureau’s cocktail range. It is a step away from the classics and will appeal to a different audience. There is a little theatre one can introduce: pour into a cocktail shaker (I would add a cube or two of ice), shake and strain into a martini glass. That process gives a pale frothy top.

Visit The Drinks Bureau here https://www.thedrinksbureau.com/ Drinks are available on Amazon and Not On The High Street