How to Grill Vegetables

how to grill vegetablesIt’s summer (no, really) and our thoughts turn to hot coals. So many more of us are now vegetarian or, as in my case, semi-vegetarian – or is it semi-carnivorous? How to Grill Vegetables by Steven Raichlen will support our various BBQ needs in vibrant fashion.

Steven Raichlen is the author of the New York Times bestselling Barbecue! Bible cookbook series, and winner of 5 James Beard awards and 3 IACP awards; his books have been translated into 17 languages. He has written for the New York Times, Esquire, and many food magazines. He is BBQ royalty! This book steps away from the usual grilled subjects and introduces us to vegetarian main dishes, and those which work very well as side dishes with your chosen meats, if you choose to mix the two dietary preferences.

Advice to encourage

How to Grill Vegetables is a chunky and attractive book which is easy to navigate. Chapters are arranged by dish type, with the first offering general advice to encourage even the most timid of newbie grillers – and then it’s on to the food.

There are fascinating dips here. Some are pimped classics, but a waft of smoke and a tinge of well-placed char does so much to elevate these standards. Smoked Guacamole seems like a traditional recipe but it’s all about the method. No, dear reader, the dip won’t drip through the bars. The grilling is done before the vegetables (or are they fruits?) are chopped. Fire-roasted Pimento Cheese is a winner and so very simple to prepare.

There are plenty of salads here too. German Potato Salad and old-fashioned Wedge Salad are transformed. Grilled Corn Salad makes a wonderful side for burgers …and they too could be vegetarian. There is a Grilled Frittata which is hearty and works well with either fresh salads or a selection of these grilled options.

How to Grill Vegetables will appeal to both vegetarians and meat eaters who love that rich quality achieved by grilling. It’s well up to the expected Steven Raichlen standard.


How to Grill Vegetables
Author: Steven Raichlen
Published by: Workman Publishing
Price: £18.99
ISBN-13:‎ 978-1523509843