Peatheart – rich and smoky

Single Malt from the Highlands

ancnoc whiskyThe AnCnoc (pronounced a-nock) label was born a few years after Inver House Distillers bought the Knockdhu distillery, which had been established in 1894. The first official bottling of AnCnoc was released in 1993, and by 2013 the core range was established.

The distillery takes advantage of the historic peatlands in the heart of the Scottish uplands.  That peat provides a valuable fuel for the whisky-making process, and it is that which gives the unique and unmistakable flavour to these spirits. Peatiness can be controlled by the amount of peat burnt, and the humidity of the essential barley.

Neat with just a splash of water

Peatheart Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky by AnCnoc will be prized by lovers of the warm richness offered by peat. It’s a sipping whisky and I would enjoy this neat with just a splash of water. It needs nothing more, but that drop of eau allows the complexity of the spirit to develop. Share a dram of this only with those who take their whiskies seriously.

I am not a smoker but even I might be tempted to try a cigar while sitting on a leather sofa reading the poems of Robbie Burns, while cradling a tumbler of this ‘water of life’. Peatheart by AnCnoc is evocative and delicious, and not for mixing.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Clear, pale lemon.

Nose: Distinct smoky peat with soft fruit and citrus. Hints of leather and tobacco.

Palate: Smoke to the fore, vanilla and sweet autumn fruit and brown sugar with a suspicion of citrus.

Finish: Pleasingly smooth, long and warm.


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