Holy Vesper Martini launched by Dunnet Bay Distillers

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Dunnet Bay Distillers, the Scottish distillery, has just launch an all-British bottled cocktail: Holy Vesper Martini  (20% ABV, priced at £27 for 50cl).

The vesper martini is a classic. Immortalised as an iconic cocktail by James Bond, the delicious mix of vodka, gin, and vermouth is sophisticated and delectable. Now the award-winning makers of Holy Grass Vodka and Rock Rose Gin have combined these two spirits, along with British vermouth, into a new ready-to-drink bottled cocktail.

The recommended serve for this ready mixed cocktail is, of course, very chilled, and garnished with a slice of apple. There’s no need to discuss the ‘shaken or stirred’ dilemma as it’s simply ready to pour, once chilled.

Rock Rose Gin is made using sustainably foraged rose of the rock, gathered from the Scottish shoreline in Caithness where this gin is distilled. Several other botanicals, such as sea buckthorn, are foraged or grown in the distillery’s own biodome or garden. Similarly Holy Grass Vodka, described as ‘Scottish Magic’, is named after its hero botanical. Holy Grass Vodka is a smooth creamy, slightly sweet spirit that derives its taste notes from the Holy Grass and the vapour of apple juice.

Both spirits are hand-crafted by Dunnet Bay Distillers in the UK mainland’s most northerly distillery and are then combined with British vermouth made in Kent by In the Loop Drinks. This product is blended by Bottle Bar Shop, working in partnership with Dunnet Bay Distillers.

Holy Vesper Martini is bottled in glass topped with the distillery’s distinctive wax sealed stopper. Elegant and as ‘royale’ as it can be, this is a touch of Scottish Magic worthy of Mr Bond and those who admire a good vesper martini.

Vesper Martini Background

  • The original cocktail was created by Ian Fleming for his character James Bond and first appeared in the novel Casino Royale published in 1953 although some think the idea was inspired by the author’s trips to Dukes Bar in London
  • The vesper cocktail is named after a Bond character, double agent Vesper Lynd who was born “on a very stormy evening”, and who said that her parents named her Vesper, which is Latin for “evening”The character may have been based on a real Polish agent, Krystyna Skarbek, according to journalist and popular historian, Donald McCormick, in 1993. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • The phrase ‘shaken and not stirred’ first appears in the novel Diamonds are Forever (1956) although James Bond himself does not actually say it until Dr No two years later.  (Source: Wikipedia)
  • In the films, Bond averages a drink every eleven minutes. (Source: QuillandPad.com). This is not a pace for drinking which Dunnet Bay Distillers recommend. Please drink responsibly!