Whiskey Lover’s Cocktail Collection for Dad

A Travel Pack for home or away

World of zingA little over a year ago I would have scoffed at the prospect of a Travel Pack of cocktails. But now I can understand the appeal. Not, of course, for consuming while in charge of a vehicle but certainly once one has reached one’s hotel …even if it’s not a quarantine hotel! World of Zing presents us with the Whiskey Lover’s Cocktail Collection as our travel companion.

This Cocktail Collection should not be reserved just for lonesome hotel rooms; it is ideally packaged for transport to your favourite picnic location. These smart little bottles could also solve one’s Father’s Day gift dilemma. If your dad enjoys well-crafted cocktails, then he will be delighted with this well-balanced selection. Each of the four bottles contains a generous cocktail for one, so don’t expect him to share. He will want to keep these for himself.

Handcrafted in LondonWhisky cocktail

Designed by Channel 4 Sunday Brunch cocktail expert (and World of Zing founder), Pritesh Mody, these cocktails are a cut above some other pre-mixed libations. They have been featured in The Telegraph, The Observer and Esquire Magazine, amongst others. The cocktails are handcrafted in small batches in South London using the finest spirits, bitters and liqueurs. They are polished and delicious beverages and rather inspired.

Each pack contains 4x50ml chunky single-serve bottles. The cocktails included are:

Yuzu Whiskey Sour (16% abv)

Steel Aged Manhattan (29% abv)

Seville Orange Old Fashioned (29% abv)

Manhattan Sour (17% abv)

The cocktails are gluten-free and are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

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