Old Hopking Spiced Gold Rum from ALDI

Many, in the past, viewed ALDI as something of a bargain-basement supermarket, but that perception is changing. Yes, they sport attractive price tags on their goods but that, at least in my experience of the spirits department, doesn’t indicate a lowering of standards – just of the price. Old Hopking Spiced Gold Rum is another Aldi gem and perfect for winter cocktail enthusiasts. I am not a great lover of white Cuban varieties of rum over these cool months, so Old Hopking Spiced Gold Rum was always going to have me leafing through cocktail recipes.

Suited to cocktails

The label is old-school with a sketch of a sailing galleon just to remind buyers that this spirit has its origins in the Caribbean islands. It has all those distinctive flavours of the dark rum, but milder and more suited to cocktails rather than neat sipping over ice.

Once again ALDI offers its shoppers a great value spirit with those classic qualities that rum lovers will enjoy.  Old Hopking Spiced Gold Rum has pleasing brown sugar richness and hints of vanilla and a suspicion of chocolate. Try this in some of those cocktails which might usually take advantage of white rum. It will produce a distinctly different drink. It’s a rum with which to experiment. Try a unique Mojito!

Old Hopking Spiced Gold Rum won’t encourage the drinker to become a pirate, but it could be the bottle of choice for good-value weekend relaxing.


Appearance: clear, light amber
Nose: brown sugar, chocolate, vanilla
Palate: brown sugar, chocolate, vanilla, nutmeg, nuts
Finish: medium mouthfeel, medium finish
ABV: 35%
Bottle Size: 70cl

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