Chilli No.5 – The gift of spice

We now know what that room is for! It came with the house and it’s called a kitchen! Lockdown has been terrible, but it has offered some opportunities. We cook more and actually enjoy it. Chilli No.5 presents gift quality sauces which pack a spicy punch. A welcome gift for any new and enthusiastic home chef, as well as those more experienced cooks with discerning palates.

Chilli No.5 is a company dedicated to providing the most delicious hot chilli sauces inspired by cuisines from across the globe. They take flavourful advantage of five of the world’s finest chillies in every one of their carefully produced, vegan and healthy hot sauces.

Each well-crafted chilli sauce contains a bespoke combination of superfoods and supplements, so they have vibrant flavour, and they are healthier than many other sauces. Superyacht Chef Colin Ross joined entrepreneur Rumble Romagnoli to create the sumptuous Chilli No.5 range while we were all on lockdown.

“I founded Chilli No.5 because it was impossible to find high-quality, healthy hot sauces at the supermarket or even at restaurants. During the lockdown, people were cooking more at home and were discovering the challenge of recreating their favourite bold flavours. We created our sauces to elevate your plate.”

chilli no 5

My gift-quality Chilli No.5 sauces arrived. The matt black box would give the lucky recipient an expectation of something special within. Those expectations will not be dimmed when the lid is lifted. Five slim and stylish vials contained a variety of tempting sauces, and this selection is perfect for a rather classy BBQ or two, or dressing for some grilled meat, fish, or vegetables.

BBQ season

Piri Piri is prepared with a Chilli No.5 blend of five of the world’s most celebrated chillies, packed with a collection of powerful superfoods sourced from farms in Italy, and enhanced by six of the healthiest natural supplements around.

Louisiana Hot Sauce is a classic American southern-style BBQ rub with a complex smoky flavour, and a hint of unique sweetness. Balanced heat makes this a good all-rounder as a dressing for meat but also as an ingredient for robust salad dressings.

Jamaican Jerk Hot Sauce is perhaps my favourite of this collection. It is warming with spicy Scotch Bonnet peppers for that unmistakable jerk flavour.

Mexican Fury Hot Chilli Sauce is made with a blend of distinctive spices from Mexico and is one of Chilli No.5’s hottest sauces. This is perfect to sprinkle on tacos and to add to sour cream as a topping for enchiladas.

Heavenly Harissa Hot Sauce is packed with roasted red peppers and a handpicked selection of herbs and spices. This is a convenient way of introducing a little Moroccan sunshine into our lives.

Each hot sauce is sold in a luxury keepsake glass bottle. This bottle can then be re-filled by purchasing lightweight recyclable plastic refill pouches.


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