Heck Bangers and Burgers

HeckHeck pride themselves on their farmers’ market quality sausages and burgers, and you don’t have to live near a farmer’s market to enjoy them (and even if you did, you probably wouldn’t be able to visit one anyway!). In fact you don’t even have to leave home to get your hands on their products, as they deliver to your door. That is a bonus for many of us in these lockdown times.

This is a family business, so they are bound to try extra hard to provide satisfaction. They even use fresh herbs instead of the usual dried ones. They have family tastings whenever they launch a new recipe, and they have an extensive list of sausages and burgers to suit every taste.

Al fresco lunch or dinner

It will soon be time for that longed-for al fresco lunch or dinner. We can fire up the barbecue and break out the Hecks. There is a tasty range of well-seasoned products. Nothing says summer like the sound of a chicken burger sizzling on the grill and you know that aroma will be tantalising – perfect for those who want a change from the more traditional beef. Make some buns (you know you can do it), arrange the toppings and open the relishes. A simple meal but what could be better?

Pork sausages sound traditional but Heck ring the changes with these as well. I would have Heck Chorizo Style Sausages as my first choice from the banger gallery. All Heck products are subtly seasoned so never a fear that a product will be too challenging for youngsters. Kids always love a sausage, but Hecks will likely titillate more discerning palates too.

Heck products have garnered a loyal following. They are unique in both flavour and texture and well worth trying.

Visit the Heck website  here for more products